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More information on Wasps

Umbrella wasps and Yellow Jackets look similar, but the umbrella wasp is docile, while the yellow Jacket is very aggressive and creates much larger colonies.

Umbrella wasps get their name from the look of their nest. It appears as an umbrella pulled inside out and then filled with honeycomb. Nest sizes range from the size of a dime, to that of a large tea saucer later in the season. They usually build under the eves of homes, but can be found under seldom used patio furniture, under car hoods and many other places. These are something the homeowner can take care of themselves with a product readily purchased at the local hardware store. Clear Skies Pest Elimination takes care of these as a courtesy for their regular customers.

"Yellow Jacket" is a name for a few different wasps found all over the United States and there are likely two distinct species lumped together under that name here in the bay area. They sometimes make the classic "Turnip" shaped nest hanging from a tree, or the eve of a house, or they may build an underground nest. They are somewhat aggressive while out foraging, but are much more so around their nest. They have no barb at the end of their stinger, so using it does not kill them. They will defend their nest even in the dark, and come out in the dozens with little provocation. A professional should handle any Yellow Jacket nest on your property and it should be done either very early before the sun comes up, or after sunset when all of the wasps are in the nest. Treating during the day is dangerous because less than 1/3 of the colony is home at any given time during the day, so the other 2/3 will be agitated and swarming as they come home to a wrecked nest.



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